the first post…(mark this under “personal”)

Ok, ugh.  I’ve been stalling on this moment (first blog post) for about a year.  I’m normally an open book…but for some reason the thought of the first blog post has felt like a paralysis.  I know this is my photography blog, but I still get wordy sometimes.  So, it’s time.  BLAH!!!!   Here I go…(and I would like to apologize up-front for my horrendous over-usage of parentheses).

2013 was…great in many ways, challenging in many ways.  Professionally, it was such a time of growth and fulfillment.  I shot beautiful weddings, photographed sweet babies and families, saw my images published, worked (and played) with incredibly talented and awesome people…it was really, really good stuff.  But then, right when I felt inertia really start to kick in with my business, we decided to move to LA for a little while (can you hear the tires screeching to a halt right now?).  I knew it was the right move (husband = actor), but it was still a bit dizzying to wrap my head around starting from scratch somewhere new (with two kids under the age of 3).  Yep, ok, I was a bit of a hot mess.

Anyway, we moved.  There wasn’t much of a plan in place otherwise.  It sort of felt like jumping off a ledge with a blindfold on and a backpack of bricks strapped to you.  The process was a blur, but we pulled it all off, said fumbling goodbyes to friends and family, and were off to JFK.  I remember the last morning in our old apartment, watching the sun come up over the Hudson River and the city begin to wake up for what was a normal day to many, but literally life-changing for me.  I thought I could hear my own heart beating.  And, yep, I may have cried.2014-01-31_0001We arrived in LA in April and it was…it was freaking beautiful.  I’m a sucker for palm trees.  I remember our first morning waking up in our new place thinking: I have NO IDEA what is about to happen (insert curse word here).  And after I got over the slight panic of it all, I knew I needed to let go and just trust.  I spent the next 7 months traveling back and forth from West coast back to East coast to shoot weddings (we moved right at the start of wedding season, and I had weddings already booked in NYC, NJ, and DC), and it was actually do-able.  I liked it.  And I’m going to do it again this year.  And I can’t freaking wait.  And I’m also starting to shoot in California (hello, gorgeous light!!).  So I’m here, and I’m there, and that’s just fine.  Welcome to my blog!  And I promise I’ll post more photos than rants.  Probably.  ;)    2014-01-31_0004XO,


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