Who am I? I could say that I’m a published (yada-yada) photographer with two kids (love ‘em) and a lot of frequent flyer miles and I eat so much raw salmon that I probably have mercury poisoning.

Who are you? You’re a bad-ass artist who is looking to step out of the box and put your own voice into the images of YOU that you push out into the world.

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I want you to get something out of the experience that fuels you artistically, too.

HEADSHOT SESSION: My “headshot” shoots are a hybrid of headshot & editorial. The actors and artists I work with get to use all of the edited images (usually a few hundred), and they are all in high-res. You can use them for IMDB, Instagram, press, whatever ya’ll want. Can you say bang-for-buck?

STORY SHOOT: My story-based shoots are really whatever we want to create - you come up with the character and theme (or we can work on this together) and we essentially make a movie in stills. No boundaries, no script, total creative freedom.

Creative people want to create things. I understand why headshots need to look a certain way - casting directors need to get a really clear look at you and how you’d fit into a role. I get it, I get it. Being married to an actor, I can’t tell you how many times he’s paid for headshots and gotten 300 of the same image with slight variations, of which he uses maybe 2. Some people want that, some people are great at that. But I don’t work that way.

I don’t work that way because I believe you have more to say, and your time during our shoot is valuable. And I know that everyone has a story. Whether it’s your true story, a story you want to live out, or a character you want to set free. We’ll make sure to get some solid casting headshots, and then we’ll work together to be a little more creative and get some photos for you that are magazine-feature ready and that have your voice.



NYC (select dates)


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Headshots up to 3 looks (hair/make-up separate)

Story shoot (full day, hair/makeup included)