So, is this like a normal headshot session?
Yes. It can be. But more fun. I like to do around 3 looks for a typical session. Shooting takes about 1.5-2 hours. Hair and makeup is arranged separately, but I can recommend some people.

If you don’t need actual headshots but still want to shoot, we can totally do that, too.

Where do we shoot?
I like to shoot in and around Studio City, but that depends on what you need. I have a home-studio that we can shoot at, but I really like to get out into the streets and get some environmental/outdoor shots.

Are you nice? Fun?
I’m both!!! I promise!

But how much will this cost?
For the 3 look/2-hour shoot, it’s $500. Most people like paying through Venmo, but cash/check are fine, too. The full amount is due prior to the shoot.

For a full-day shoot where we really flesh out a story, it’s $1200 and includes hair/makeup.

So, how is this different/better than my old headshots?
I’m not a headshot factory. For each look/outfit, I do a variety of types of photos. Some lit for a casting director’s eyes, and others as if it was going to print in a Harpers Bazaar interview spread. You’ll walk away with a full gallery (around 200 - 300 images) that look like were shot on different days. People LOVE this for Instagram content.

What if I’m nervous/awkward being photographed?
A bit of wine never hurts. (But not too much, or you’ll look sleepy). Also - I’m pretty good at being around people and loosening up the jitters. Once we’re rolling, it’ll fly by and we’ll probably end up being friends.

You boasted that you’ve been published. Where? And why does it matter?
I guess boasting is a little annoying, but it does sort of matter. People come to me because they want their images to look like they’ve come out of a magazine, because that’s what I’m drawn to and that’s what appeals to my eye. So, that’s why I mention it (and because it sounds kind of fancy). I’ve been published in TimeOut NY, The New York Times, Grace Ormonde, Martha Stewart (Weddings), and a bunch of other wedding publications.

What if I want to shoot with you, but I’m not feeling that creative and I don’t know what to do besides just stand there?
DO NOT WORRY! I’ll take it from there. I’ll just let you stand there and I’ll run circles around you to get the best light, give you the best direction, and the best variety of images. I’ve gotcha.