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  • hi, i'm jackie. thanks for checking in, and welcome to my blog!

    i'm a bi-coastal wedding and portrait photographer (LA, NYC/NJ and DC). i spend a LOT of time in airports. i'm a mom of two wild and adorable kids, i enjoy spontaneous interpretive dance-offs, white wine (margaritas work, too), driving stick shift...and i think sidewalks should be huge sandboxes so we can be barefoot all the time.

    i hope you enjoy my work (and the occasional babble).

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Rachel & Ben – NYC winter wedding – NYC wedding photographer


So, this is long overdue, but I’m trying to get my ducks in a row and start blogging my weddings, FINALLY!  I put this one off because it got published back in March, yay (you can see the feature here: Love My Dress)…but now I’m excited to put out some of my favorite images from Rachel & Ben’s classically stunning New York City winter wedding (at Gustavino’s under the 59th Street Bridge).  Is she not, like, the most elegant and poised bride you’ve ever seen???  I felt like I was photographing a fashion icon!  This wedding was quintessential New York.  Enjoy.  :)2015-07-23_0001






















Caterer – Esprit Events
Dresses – Tara Keely (lace), Monique Lhuillier (blush)
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Watch – IWC
Invitations – Ceci New York
Videographer – WellSpun Weddings
Make-up/Hair – Gloss and Glam
2nd Shooter – Nan Doud Photography - Huge THANK YOU to Nan…I could not have shot this wedding without her!!  xoxo


Allow me to explain…

{I’d like to start this post by acknowledging the absolutely incredible work by Sidney Morgan - who photographed my family twice…the photos here are from our last shoot a couple of months ago in Malibu.}

I seriously have sucked at blogging.  You’d think that in, like, over a year’s time, I’d have found a minute or ten to do this.  But the reality is that when I’m not sure what’s going on in my life, I suppose I don’t like to acknowledge it (or perhaps I don’t know how to make sense of it, so I don’t try).  And the past couple of years have been about a lot of questions and not too many answers…until now…ish.

2015-04-08_0001When we moved to LA two years ago, I was counting the days for our return to the east coast.  We thought we’d be there for a year for my husband’s career.  New York City was our life for so long.  It’s how I identified myself.  It’s where I became a grownup (well, sort of).  A year turned into two years in LA.  And…it grew on me.  As much as I traveled back east to shoot weddings (and it was a lot), little pieces of my heart started beating for our new life in California.

And I think this is why: we moved to California with the expectation that it was temporary.  So, on some days, we’d yank the kids out of school early and drive out to Malibu and just to sit on the beach, jump in the waves, get fried fish for dinner, and let the kids fall asleep with sandy toes on the drive home and didn’t worry if it was an hour past their bedtime.  We went on family missions to find the best tacos in LA.  We played outside ALL THE TIME.  We tried to have shoes on as little as possible.  We saw our friends as much as we could.  When my head ached from sitting inside editing for hours, I’d jump in the car, drive down Ventura Blvd and head to the canyon to go for a hike.  We worked our butts off when we could, and played as much as we could.  We knew it was borrowed time…

2015-04-08_00022015-04-08_00132015-04-08_0014We didn’t really have a routine.  I kept asking, “what’s our plan?”  ”how long are we going to be here?”  ”when are we moving back?”  ”what are we doing?”  And the fact that we had none of these answers was…weird.  I felt like – I’m 35, I have two kids…shouldn’t we have some sort of plan???  But then, after a year turned into two, and we were finally making arrangements to move back east (which I previously had zero hesitation about)…I questioned whether or not we should leave.  And then it hit me.  Plans are, perhaps, more about fear than about responsibility.  Plans can be a false sense of security in a world that guarantees nothing.  But I mean that in a good way.  We can only do what makes sense for us NOW.  Right now, it makes sense for us to move back.  Then the rest will become clearer when the time is right.      

So, I can tell you what my plan is (because I do sort-of have one), but the best I can say is that I’m a control freak who has actually had her eyes opened to the idea that maybe it’s OK to be 35, a mom, a wife, and not really be worrying about buying our dream home right now.  I thought I did, but realize I’d rather live our dream life.  It probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people…but there’s no road-map for this.  We’ve moved 4 times in 5 years.  And the truth is, as much of a pain in the ass that is, we designed our life this way.  Next week we’ll be moving back into an apartment in Jersey, with sweeping views of the Hudson River and Manhattan, and I’ll lay eyes on my dream city once again.  But, it will be different this time.  The scope is wider now.  And I want to live back “home” again as if it’s on borrowed time…because it might be.  So, let’s get cheesy here…you know that saying about the journey and the destination?  I get it now.  I mean, I got it before, but I really get it now.  There is no destination.  It’s all the journey.   And every step of it matters.


  • Cassi Claire - April 9, 2015 - 4:37 am

    What a grand entrance back into the world of blogging!! This is so beautiful and I can totally relate! Here’s to living on borrowed time!! xoxox!ReplyCancel

    • admin - April 9, 2015 - 4:47 am

      thank you, cassi!!! XOXOX can’t wait to see your pretty face again so soon!ReplyCancel

The greatest 4 days…United | Santa Barbara 2014 | LA Wedding Photographer | NYC Wedding Photographer | NJ Wedding Photographer

Oh blog.  I thought it would be easier to keep up with this blogging thing.  But, yet, I’ve got a lot of work to do on it.  And I’ll keep trying…so bear with me.

When I decided to attend the United conference in Santa Barbara this year, I packed my guitar, a bathing suit…figuring I’d get to sleep in and relax, take some pics, hang with some awesome people, and come home refreshed.  HAH.  Ok, I did take some photos, and I did hang out with some AMAZING people.  The rest of it…not so much.  It was nonstop.  I came home both exhausted and energized.  But what I really came home with was awe.  And here’s why…2014-03-06_0006

I went to United thinking I was going to come home with mind-blowing knowledge about how to amp up my wedding photography business, and that I was going to take part in a ton of photo shoots and have a whole new portfolio of images.  Yay, me!  But I left realizing that all of that was secondary.  Share, Serve, Celebrate was shoved down our throats in the best way imaginable.  Be nice.  Hug someone.  Be nicer.  Hug someone else.  Find a newbie.  Hug them.  Tell them they rock.  Tell them your story.  We were all there at one time.  Scared.  Wondering where to start.  Share with them.  Help someone.  Find people in need and use your gift as a photographer to help.  Be part of a community that raises each other up instead of looking at each other as competition.  We are a family.  On the first day, I thought…this is nice.  On the 2nd day, I was like…ok, I’m getting this.  Maybe people can really be this genuinely nice.  And by the 3rd day, I was completely inspired to just be good to people.  For nothing in return.  For no payback.  Just because it’s nice to be nice.  Funny how that works.

One day after a shoot, I was starving (go figure), and I walked into the lobby of the hotel.  I saw a bunch of people I recognized from the conference, but didn’t actually know.  I literally walked up to them and said, “I’m so hungry!” (because that’s what I do when I’m hungry, I find it necessary to just announce it).  And they said, “we’re about to go to dinner, come with us!”  And just like that, a whole new group of friends.  I know it doesn’t seem earth shattering, but some of these people I’m sure will be in my life for a long, long time in some capacity or another.  Little things change our worlds.

On the last day, the amazing Trevor Dayley spoke to us, sharing his incredible stories as a photographer, as a dad, as a husband…and we, of course, all ended up with tears in our eyes.  But at the very end, he asked us, “What is your burden?”  As in – what is the thing that we allow to hold us back.  What is the thing that keeps us scared, or pins us down.  And we each wrote it down on paper, made the paper into airplanes, and we let them go.  And then he told us to pick some off the ground and read them.  Because that way we can have compassion for the people around us, and we can see that we all have things we can relate to – that we all need support sometimes.  And to be that support for each other.

I came home and told my husband, “I think everyone should go to United.”  And he was like, “You mean all photographers?”  And I was like, “No, just everyone.  Everyone in the world.”

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Beach bride photo shoot credits:

Stephanie Williams
Production Coordinator:
Kristin Renee
KJ -Karina Jo
Rob Crouch

Styled by House Of Style -
Hair and Makeup by Tami Maxwell
Baby’s Breath Bouquet – Rincon Floral
Hair Accessories by Glam Gal Designs Bridal


Santa Barbara | LA Wedding Photographer | New Jersey Wedding Photographer | New York Wedding Photographer | Bi-Coastal Wedding Photographer

  • Justine Russo - March 6, 2014 - 9:19 pm

    hahahaha I TOTALLY agree. Everyone ever should go to United! I told my husband that he should come next year!
    LOVED getting to meet you!! :) ReplyCancel

  • admin - March 6, 2014 - 9:28 pm

    So great to meet you, too, Justine! Yes, we should have a spouses club for next year! (Or maybe they help carry our gear????). xoxoReplyCancel

  • KARENA DIXON - March 6, 2014 - 9:55 pm

    Gahh! I wish we could have been starving together! Next year!ReplyCancel

    • admin - March 6, 2014 - 10:39 pm

      omg for sure! me being hungry is not a rare occurrence. can’t wait!!!ReplyCancel

  • Trevor Dayley - March 6, 2014 - 10:04 pm

    This is a beautiful blog post. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate your sweet words. Made my day.ReplyCancel

    • admin - March 6, 2014 - 10:40 pm

      thank YOU, trevor. the way you opened up to us was so inspiring. and can i just say that i really hope that the t-shirts next year are just big huge dog faces? :) ReplyCancel

  • Melissa C - March 6, 2014 - 10:12 pm

    Great post ! I’m totally bringing my mom next year. She’ll love it ! Not even just the photography part !ReplyCancel

    • admin - March 6, 2014 - 10:41 pm

      that’s awesome, melissa! for real – could you imagine what a better world it would be if everyone experienced the support we saw there? rad. see you there! :)) XOXOReplyCancel

the first post…(mark this under “personal”)

Ok, ugh.  I’ve been stalling on this moment (first blog post) for about a year.  I’m normally an open book…but for some reason the thought of the first blog post has felt like a paralysis.  I know this is my photography blog, but I still get wordy sometimes.  So, it’s time.  BLAH!!!!   Here I go…(and I would like to apologize up-front for my horrendous over-usage of parentheses).

2013 was…great in many ways, challenging in many ways.  Professionally, it was such a time of growth and fulfillment.  I shot beautiful weddings, photographed sweet babies and families, saw my images published, worked (and played) with incredibly talented and awesome people…it was really, really good stuff.  But then, right when I felt inertia really start to kick in with my business, we decided to move to LA for a little while (can you hear the tires screeching to a halt right now?).  I knew it was the right move (husband = actor), but it was still a bit dizzying to wrap my head around starting from scratch somewhere new (with two kids under the age of 3).  Yep, ok, I was a bit of a hot mess.

Anyway, we moved.  There wasn’t much of a plan in place otherwise.  It sort of felt like jumping off a ledge with a blindfold on and a backpack of bricks strapped to you.  The process was a blur, but we pulled it all off, said fumbling goodbyes to friends and family, and were off to JFK.  I remember the last morning in our old apartment, watching the sun come up over the Hudson River and the city begin to wake up for what was a normal day to many, but literally life-changing for me.  I thought I could hear my own heart beating.  And, yep, I may have cried.2014-01-31_0001We arrived in LA in April and it was…it was freaking beautiful.  I’m a sucker for palm trees.  I remember our first morning waking up in our new place thinking: I have NO IDEA what is about to happen (insert curse word here).  And after I got over the slight panic of it all, I knew I needed to let go and just trust.  I spent the next 7 months traveling back and forth from West coast back to East coast to shoot weddings (we moved right at the start of wedding season, and I had weddings already booked in NYC, NJ, and DC), and it was actually do-able.  I liked it.  And I’m going to do it again this year.  And I can’t freaking wait.  And I’m also starting to shoot in California (hello, gorgeous light!!).  So I’m here, and I’m there, and that’s just fine.  Welcome to my blog!  And I promise I’ll post more photos than rants.  Probably.  ;)    2014-01-31_0004XO,


  • Jennifer Palmer - February 1, 2014 - 5:37 am

    A lovely rant and a perfect start. Can’t wait for more:)ReplyCancel

    • admin - February 1, 2014 - 5:54 am

      why thank you, jennie p. i should have credited you in this post, actually! :) ReplyCancel

  • Katie Dominguez - February 1, 2014 - 9:18 am

    Love you to death Jackie. Adán and I have had so much fun watching you grow as a professional these past few years. It goes without saying that the two of us support you and Dono 100% — we look forward to seeing where the future takes you. Someday I’ll get to hug you in person and meet those darling kiddos, until then stay gold chickadee. XoxoReplyCancel

    • admin - February 2, 2014 - 8:12 am

      thank you , katie girl! love you and miss you guys xoxoReplyCancel

  • Ely - February 1, 2014 - 1:46 pm

    Congratulations, Jackie! I forsee great things for you!
    Best of luck and much love,

    • admin - February 2, 2014 - 8:13 am

      thanks, ely! XOXOReplyCancel

  • Jaclyn Sinquett - February 1, 2014 - 3:38 pm

    Hooray first blog post! Congrats on the new website too. Looking forward to reading more.ReplyCancel

    • admin - February 2, 2014 - 8:13 am

      thanks, jac! hope you and rick are loving newlywed life! :) ReplyCancel

  • Miranda - February 2, 2014 - 5:59 am

    Love it! Selfishly I’m so glad I have a new friend on the west coast or the east coast or west coast….whatever. So glad I’ve met you! :)

    • admin - February 2, 2014 - 8:14 am

      miranda! so glad to have met you, too. people like you make moving far away from home that much easier. XOReplyCancel